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Comfort Nurse Care adheres to requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Following is a copy of the privacy notice we provide to our clients. All clients are asked to sign a release at time of admission.

Home health agencies must provide their clients with a notice of their privacy rights on admission. As a home health client, you have the privacy rights listed below.
You have the right to know why we need to ask you questions.
We are required by law to collect health information to make sure: 1) you get quality health care, and 2) Payment is correct.
You have the right to have your personal protected health care information kept confidential.
You may be asked to tell us information about yourself so that we will know which home health services will be best for you. We keep anything we learn about you confidential. This means only those who are legally authorized to know, or who have a medical need to know, will see your personal health information.
You have the right to refuse to answer questions.
We may need your help in collecting your health information. If you choose not to answer, we will fill in the information as best we can. You do not have to answer every question to get services.
You have the right to look at your personal protected health information.
We know how important it is that the information we collect about you is correct. If you think we made a mistake, ask us to correct it. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can ask Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, to correct your information.
You have the right to determine who can receive your personal protected health information from the agency.
Our release allows you to designate who is permitted to receive protected health information from our agency. As part of your treatment team, we from time to time may find it necessary to discuss your personal health information with others who include your doctors, your family and friends. You have the right to modify or change this information at any time. Just call the our office at 954 328 3913


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